Write a letter to your friend about your future trip to another country

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Write a letter to your friend about your future trip to another country

I needed some days to complete the additional documents and to finalize my Remonstrance letter which includes quite a lot of readings. I wanted to be very sure that time and considered that appeal as my last chance to get the Visa before my confirmed flight on February Generally, the remonstrance letter should include the following: For my case, I also asked my friend to support my remonstrance which I guess was helpful as it was written in German.

Be sure that your letter and the one you asked to assist you are coordinated. Remonstrance letter format Related Article: Are you planning to stay in Metro Manila while applying for your Schengen visa?

write a letter to your friend about your future trip to another country

January 27 up to February 12, These were the days of frustration. My flight comes closer and no email yet from the Embassy regarding the result of my Remonstration.

write a letter to your friend about your future trip to another country

New plans are coming like starting to prepare my documents again for the new application. To think that was very discouraging because of the long process I need to go through again, plus wasted money and time.

I know that waiting for the result was the only thing I can do during those days and try to avoid making follow-ups to the Embassy regarding my appeal. I guess my patience can only take for two weeks. On February 9,I sent an email, asking for any information about my plea.

I did that because I supposed 14 days after I sent my Remonstration is reasonable enough to ask for an update and my flight would be in seven days then. February 12, I set this day as my last day of waiting. It was Thursday and if the Embassy wants to issue the Visa, it should be on this day so I can have time on Friday to bring my passport.

My email showed nothing from the Embassy. I decided to arrange my ticket the next day. I welcome each day with opening my eyes and checking mails on my phone. I changed my flight date on February 20, and it was not cheap as I submitted not a reservation ticket but a confirmed one.

Do not ever do what I did. Just pass a reservation of round-trip ticket during your personal interview. The Embassy is not requiring an applicant to present the confirmed tickets. February 16, The day of my departure turned into the day of the submission of my passport and new tickets.

I do not have any idea on how it should be but it turned definitely easy. The Counter 1 in German Embassy is designated for inquiries like mine.

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The lady just asked the new date of my departure and suggested just to pick up my passport personally because of the holiday on the 19th. Allot enough time in applying for a Schengen Visa. It is important to get that convincing feeling for the Embassy Staff during the personal interview.

Talk friendly and present your requirements confidently but not too much. With Visa Reservation you can get a flight itinerary, with an unlimited number of flights. I believe that Embassy has enough reasons why it did not issue your Visa.Remonstrance is a great option when your application for Schengen Visa is denied.

Submit a letter within one month and your European dream might be saved. Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.

Scans/photos where possible. Fakes will be sneered at. Write a letter to your friend about a holiday trip you made recently. Essay by wewangwang, November download word file, 3 pages download word file, 3 pages 6 votes4/5(6).

Informal email/letter 1 - Model answer. Hello Simon, I'm glad you're interested in my country. As your friend said, I'd like us to email each other to help me improve your English. A letter to a friend.

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