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Thesis los angeles

History[ edit ] The first Armenian families began to settle in the Los Angeles area starting in the late 19th century. Aram Yeretzian, a social worker and Protestant Christian minister who wrote a University of Southern California thesis on the Armenians of Los Angeles, stated that the first Armenian in Los Angeles arrived in around According to Yeretzian, the first Armenian was a student who left the East Coast due to health concerns.

Yeretzian stated that the second Armenian was a vendor of Oriental rugs. In the Varoujan Club was founded by 20 young Armenians to organize Armenian cultural and social events.

By there were Armenian families in Pasadena.

Thesis los angeles

Nearly all of these immigrants were from the Ottoman Empire ; very few were from the Russian Empire. Most Armenians then settled in Little Armenia in Hollywood. Armenians from Fresno and the East Coast also moved to Los Angeles because of the large community there.

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In Augustas part of glasnostthe Soviet Union began approving for exit visas for Armenians wishing to Thesis los angeles to the United States to reunite with relatives. That March, county officials were expecting an additional 8, Armenians to arrive.

The county officials stated that the expected immigration of 10, Armenians from the Soviet Union was the single largest arrival of an ethnic group after the late s Vietnamese immigration.

Because the company is owned by the Turkish government, which the Armenians hold responsible for the unacknowledged genocide, Armenians in the Los Angeles area and US protested, asking him to give up the contract.

Demographics[ edit ] The Armenian population is subdivided according to their countries of birth, where groups had developed distinctly different cultures. At the time the majority of Armenians were Turkish Armenians while some came from what was Russia at the time.

Censusthere were 52, Armenians in Los Angeles. Of those born in the U. Of those born outside of the U.

The median age for Turkish Armenians was 64; they had resided in the U.

Thesis los angeles

The median ages for other Armenians born outside of the U. Soviet policy at the time allowed for many of the refugees to reunite with family abroad. The city council noted that "the area contains a high concentration of Armenian businesses and residents and social and cultural institutions including schools, churches, social and athletic organizations.

Alice Petrossian, the GUSD director of intercultural education, stated that Burbank lies within the middle of other Armenian communities, so it attracted more Armenians.

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The city government had gathered the data through a special census. Der-Martirosian, Sabagh, and Bozorgmehr wrote that the Armenia-born Armenians were less likely to start their own businesses compared to other groups because "the tradition of entrepreneurship may not have been as strong in the Soviet socialist economy as it remained in Middle Eastern market economies.

Most customers and employees of Iranian Armenians who had self-employment were not Armenian and not Iranian, while most business partners of self-employed Iranian Armenians were fellow Iranian Armenians.

Der-Martirosian, Sabagh, and Bozorgmehr concluded that the Iranian Armenian ethnicity had a "special strength". These institutions include businesses, restaurants, Armenian food stores, voluntary associations, clubs, radio programs, newspapers, television programs, nursing homes, churches, and Armenian American schools.

The organization was established around In the membership was several dozen. The organization sponsors Doner Night. Several Armenian voluntary associations had been established in Los Angeles by Seta Kazandjian described the community in her book as follows: In these neighborhoods, an Armenian can live a very active social and occupational life and receive many services without speaking a word of English and interacting only with Armenians.

Armenian-speaking food vendors, pharmacists, physicians, dentists, lawyers, tailors, hair stylists, shop owners and mechanics are all available.Genetic and Environmental Influences on Osteoarthritis [thesis]. Los Angeles, CA: University of Southern California; 5.

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