Simple habits to avoid while driving

Automobile How dangerous are some of your driving habits? Although most people believe that they are good drivers, they might not realize some of the dangerous driving habits that they practice. The most dangerous driving habits that I have observed are drinking and driving, street racing, stunt riding on a motorcycle, and texting while driving.

Simple habits to avoid while driving

You're biggest risk of having a bad accident is within the first two years of you passing your driving test. Ads Follow these hints and you can reduce this risk. After passing your test it will be strange to find an empty front passenger seat. The first time you drive take someone with you for support.

When you do have to drive completely alone, begin on roads that you know but remember to keep a road atlas in the car in case you get lost. When you get your confidence, drive like you own the car, not the road!

Simple habits to avoid while driving

You've learnt to drive and passed your test by sticking to the rules. Stay this way and you'll stay alive! So will your passengers and others on the road. Your quick reactions won't always stop you having an accident.

Spotting and responding to problems ahead in plenty of time will. Drive in a way that suits your ability and the traffic conditions. It doesn't impress anybody if you drive fast in the wrong places and you could end up in a lot of trouble. Have plenty of sleep, especially before making a big journey and take plenty of rest breaks to restore your alertness.

Listen to the radio for traffic reports and make sure you've enough fuel. Fiddling with the radio or a cassette when your driving can be distracting, so can playing your sound system so loud that you can't hear the sirens of an emergency vehicle.

Give your mates a lift, but remember you're the driver so you're in control. Don't succumb to peer pressure. If they give you hassle, drop them off at a bus stop! Keep your eyes moving but don't scare your passengers by turning your head away from the road ahead when talking to any of them!

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Take motorway tuition and seriously think about advanced driver training. Research shows that it makes better drivers. Driving a four wheel drive motor doesn't suspend the laws of physics.

You can still lose control if you ask too much of it. Don't leave valuables in your car where they can be seen because this invites a break in. Keep space from aggressive drivers.

Driving Tips From Driving Experts

Don't get involved in trouble. Whenever you need to turn your windscreen wipers on switch your lights as well. If you're driving on a slippery or loose surface use the foot controls very gently.

Before driving abroad you need professional advice. Keep some tools in your car!

Exemplification Bad Driving Habits - New York Essays Search for … Habits to Avoid While Driving to Stay Safe You must have seen people complaining that they face issues on the road, especially while driving the car.
Dangers of Texting & Driving Perhaps the most convincing argument, however, is the data which has been collected through studies and surveys on the dangers of texting while driving.
Neglect and mistreatment will accelerate your vehicle's deterioration Email Are your bad habits the cause of your back pain and neck pain? Oftentimes, reducing back pain and neck pain can be as simple as making a few changes to how you sit, stand and sleep.
Avoid These 7 Distracted Driving Habits. They Are Dangerous. - AUTOJOSH Some habits may simply annoy your team, while others may drive them to quit.
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If you're driving alone, particularly if you're a woman you should: Plan your journey properly and let somebody know your route. Carry a mobile phone only for emergencies. Carry a personal attack alarm. Be sure that your car is in good order and join a recovery organization If your vehicle breaks down, don't panic.Steps Being Taken To Prevent The Distracted Driving.

The GHSA estimates that up to 25% of crashes are due to distracted driving. This is the reason why the GHSA has suggested that states should take steps to curb distracted driving, and the first step is to ban texting while driving completely.

While a previous section tells drivers to avoid engine idle, this suggestion acts as the exception to the rule.

Simple habits to avoid while driving

Many mechanical issues that cars deal with can be at least somewhat attributed to the driver’s impatience to let their vehicle fully warm up before driving. 7 Unhealthy Habits All Nurses Should Avoid.

Nurses help people get healthy (thank you, Captain Obvious). But for a career field dedicated to health, a lot of medical professionals struggle with some unhealthy habits and patients are taking note. Read more. Jun 19,  · 8 Bad Driving Habits That Are Killing Your Manual Car. 5 (%) 6 votes 8 Bad Driving Habits That You Should Avoid.

Keeping the pressure on the brake pedal while driving downhill.

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It’s another one of the bad driving habits that send your car to the graveyard early.5/5(6). • Emailing while driving - In between meetings is a great time to catch up on emails but while driving, this can lead to catastrophe.

Make sure you’re checking the local signs to avoid speeding. Implementing these simple habits into your daily routine will help both commuters and drivers stay safe and smart on the road. To learn. There are simple steps that can be taken to reduce your risks, as outlined below.

The key points are to obey the traffic laws, be predictable, avoid distractions, drive rested, and steer clear of.

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