Rewrite a law repugnant

I tried and failed in my first attempt at this one a couple of days back, to the horror of more than one reader.

Rewrite a law repugnant

Follow rawstory A Georgia pro-Confederate group was so angry about a proposal to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The state chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans issued a statement Monday threatening legal action to prevent King from being honored atop stone carvings of Confederate heroes Gen.

Lee, President Jefferson Davis, and Gen.

rewrite a law repugnant

Stonewall Jackson at the site of the rebirth years ago of the Ku Klux Klan. Screen shot showing the misstatement of the Rev.

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Georgia Supreme Court Justice Henry Benning made the same claim in plainer, but no less melodramatic, terms as he urged Virginia to also leave the Union to preserve slavery or face a race war.

Confederate flags and other memorials to the preservation of slavery have been removed or altered after a white supremacist and avowed neo-Confederate gunned down nine black churchgoers in South Carolina. Racist southerners, emboldened by D. The racist group raised money to build the monument, and the land was sold to the state in A third Facebook supporter made some vague threats of racist violence toward black Americans and their non-racist allies.

Don't let Silicon Valley control what you see. Get more stories like this in your inbox, every day.May 19,  · repugnant (comparative more repugnant, superlative most repugnant) Offensive or repulsive ; arousing disgust or aversion. (law) Opposed or in conflict. Nor may they rewrite a statute to make it express an intention not expressed therein.”‘ [Citation.]” [Citations.] “The plain meaning of words in a statute may be disregarded only when that meaning is ‘”repugnant to the general purview of the act” or [*18] for some other compelling reason .’.

Sep 05,  · Seems to be a great misunderstanding about a law, a law does not enforce itself.


A law does not prevent crime. The Constitution is the supreme Law of the land and it prevents neither a violation, nor a usurpation, of it. PSC Law and Politics in the U.S. Maya Sen Fall STUDY. PLAY. "A law repugnant to the Constitution is void"; part of Judiciary Act of ruled unconstitutional - Congress can rewrite law to avoid potential Constitutional problems.

codified law - U.S.C. = United States Code - law written down and organized by subject amtter. Plagiarism is repugnant, punishable by law Fanfiction Please recognise this book as the rights of mine, though I have no rights to the real Warrior Cats series.

It seems beyond dispute now that slavery is evil, morally repugnant and illegal. The single compelling argument for a century of American slavery was this: we need them to make ourselves wealthier by having a slave economy, fuck you, stay out of our way of life.

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