Projects with duct tape

You can make everything from shoes and clothes to furniture and home decor using only duct tape and creativity. Duct Duck tape is also waterproof, and it comes in more colors and patterns than I can count, so it has amazing crafty uses way beyond simply sticking things together. You simply need a few basic duct taping skills, like learning how to make duct tape sheets and perhaps weaving, then you are ready to follow just about any of these step by step tutorials. Perfect projects for teens, tweens and kids, adults also love playing with these no mess but loaded with fun duct tape crafts.

Projects with duct tape

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Printed Pattern from our website you could also use pattern of your choice 1 Duct Tape Sheet — 8. Start by printing out our knife sheath pattern.

Click here to download the pattern: If you wish, you can add a third layer of tape to increase durability. Projects with duct tape you do not know how to make a duct tape sheet, you can find our tutorial for this by clicking here.

Make a duct tape sheet by putting two pieces of the same length together, one side up goes over one side down This is a duct tape sheet, great for all kinds of DIY projects 3. Cut out the pieces of the pattern, leaving a little bit of white border around them, then tape them to your duct tape sheet.

Cut along the black lines of the pattern, cutting the duct tape and paper at the same time Place the large piece first so that it fits on the page, making sure all pieces fit before you tape them down. Using your scissors, cut out the pieces of the pattern taped to the duct tape.

You should now have the three pieces for your sheath.

Duct tape, also referred to as duck tape, is cloth- or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape, often coated with are a variety of constructions using different backings and adhesives. One variation is black gaffer tape, which is designed to be non-reflective and cleanly removed, unlike standard duct caninariojana.comr variation is heat-resistant foil (not cloth) duct tape useful for. Duct Tape Christmas Tree. A little bit of holiday crafts thrown in for good measure—this duct tape bunting is a really cute way to spruce up a Christmas tree. Duct tape crafts for kids can range from room upgrades to simple playroom toys. These 35 crafts will keep the family busy all tape has been recognized for decades for its versatility, but now that rolls come in all kinds of sizes and styles you can really have a.

Using your hole punch, punch through each dot on the pattern, trying to keep them evenly spaced like they are on you pattern. Continue punching until you have punched all the holes in both pieces. Line the center of the hole punch up with the dots on the pattern. Using your hole punch, punch through both the paper and duct tape, punching a circle on all the dots in the pattern 6.

Using your Xacto knife, cut through the two lines on the pattern, the ones between the two circles. Use an Xacto or utility knife to cut the lines between the two holes at the top of the largest piece 7.

Now you will need your rivet and snap as well as the third small piece you cut from the pattern. This is the strap that helps hold the knife in place. Place the rivet through the two holes and use the hammer to set it and attach the small piece to the holster. This is a close up of the two snaps you will need as well as a rivet.

DUCT TAPE CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Ideas for Arts & Crafts Projects & Activities with Duct Tape (Not Duck Tape) for Children, Teens, and Preschoolers. When I was a kid, duct tape only came in one color - gray. Now when you go thru the duct tape aisle, it is like there is a rainbow in that aisle. Duct tape now comes in dozens of colors, and some even. Sep 12,  · This is the true glory of the craft. if for some reason you can manage to poke a hole throughthe layers of tape, all you need to fix it is duct tape. then go the the inside and also use a glue to repair from the inside. There are actually quite a few projects you can make from duct tape, today I’ll show you how to make a simple wallet. Duct tape is silver and available at Wal Mart, hardware stores and home supply stores.

The top of the snap is two pieces center,left and the bottom of the snap is two pieces center, right 9. Place the snap on one side of the strap, keeping the shiny front on the front side, and the back of the snap on the backside.

Check to make sure they close properly before you hammer. Hammer each one in place to set.

Projects with duct tape

Place the snaps on the piece of duct tap that is the strap, hammering both in to set them. Line the two large pieces up so that the holes are close together they will not line up completely, as the outside is a bit larger to allow room for your knife.

The largest piece is the back and the smaller piece is the front. Cut your lacing to size, if necessary. Tie a knot close to one end. Run it through the two holes from back to front. The knot will remain on the back.

Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle Duct Tape Projects

Now begin lacing, going from top to bottom, then back around the side to top. This will leave a uniform edge of stitching along the outside of your sheath.

Pull the lacing through the top hole, take it back underneath and bring it up through the next hole on top Continue lacing until you have gone all the way around the sheath. Tie a knot on the backside, keeping it as close to the sheath as possible.

Trim any extra lacing off the end. When you get the lacing through the last punched hole, tie a knot as close to the sheath as possible Your sheath is finished and ready to wear. Watch our video tutorial for this project: Be sure to like us on Facebook button below so you can be the first to know about latest project updates as well as great DIY articles.Duct tape has always been a go to material for repairing anything and everything.

Now it comes in many different colors and patterns making it a really fun and versitile craft material. Make a sheet of duct tape "fabric". Measure and cut a strip of yellow tape on the cutting mat (for one bee you will need the sheet to measure inches).

Measure and cut a second piece the same length, overlapping it slightly over the first strip. Featuring colored duct tape and unique duct tape designs from brands like Duck Tape.

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These duct tape bookmarks feature blue feathers made from colored duct tape with natural hemp twine and beads to glam it up. The supplies are then rimmed and cut to look like delicate feathers.

Just grab your supplies, including scissors and glue, and this is an easy 10 . Duct tape comes in 2-inch-wide rolls and is available in many colors. Here’s how to use some to make this handy duct-tape wallet that will last for years.

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Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. The Duct Tape Book 25 Projects To Make With Duct Tape By Jolie Dobson Paperback Duct Tape Project Book NeedANeedle.

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