Ocean thermal energy conversion otec essay

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Ocean thermal energy conversion otec essay

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion OTEC is a process that can produce electricity by using the temperature difference between deep cold ocean water and warm tropical surface waters.

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OTEC plants pump large quantities of deep cold seawater and surface seawater to run a power cycle and produce electricity.

Recently, higher electricity costs, increased concerns for global warming, and a political commitment to energy security have made initial OTEC commercialization economically attractive in tropical island communities where a high percentage of electricity production is oil based.

Even within the US, this island market is very large; globally it is many times larger. Makai has been pioneering OTEC research since working on the first net-power producing plant in Since that time, Makai has been a sub- or prime contractor for dozens of unique research and development contracts in OTEC.

Makai has developed internationally recognized expertise in OTEC in the areas of commercial and pilot plant designs, overall technical and economic modeling, heat exchanger design and testing, cold water pipe design and deployment, environmental effects hydro- and bio-plume modelingand the power cable to shore.

Why does the U. The primary focus is on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion OTEC systems, but research is being done at the Center to support other deep ocean water technologies, including: The OERC is the only research facility of its kind with continuous access to shallow and deep seawater.

Ongoing cold water pipe research and design. Multiple discharge water hydro- and bio-plume studies. What is being done at the OERC? This fully functioning OTEC power plant will provide several benefits: Warm seawater passes through an evaporator and vaporizes the working fluid, ammonia.

The ammonia vapor passes through a turbine which turns a generator making electricity. The lower pressure vapor leaves the turbine and condenses in the condenser connected to a flow of deep cold seawater. The liquid ammonia leaves the condenser and is pumped to the evaporator to repeat the cycle.

The operating conditions of OTEC heat exchangers are unique, and an optimal design has yet to be developed. Makai uses a unique OTEC plant analysis software to design heat exchangers which accounts for lifespan, performance heat transfer and pumping efficienciesand cost fabrication and effect on platformto enable true optimization.

Makai is in the process of scaling up a design for a low-cost, compact, corrosion-resistant design that could revolutionize OTEC heat exchangers.

Ocean thermal energy conversion otec essay

In addition, Makai provides objective performance testing services to other OTEC engineering firms for multiple heat exchangers simultaneously. What is the future of the OERC? Makai is an engineering services provider, and thus we work with multiple OTEC project developers to provide objective technical guidance at all levels, from engineering and economic feasibility to component design.history research paper bibliography essay on computational linguistics phd why i like baseball essayist mark antony eulogy analysis essay living with endometriosis essay kommentar beispiel essay ib extended essay word limit rectenna research papers anerkannte regeln der technic beispiel essay research paper on ocean thermal energy conversion.

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HOW IT WORKS. Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE) builds and operates clean hydrothermal energy plants worldwide using the proven technologies of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC).

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology is not new. In , Jacques Arsene d’Arsonval, a French physicist, proposed tapping the thermal energy of the ocean. But it was d’Arsonval’s student, Georges Claude, who in built the first OTEC plant in Cuba (U. S. Department of Energy ().

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Ocean thermal energy conversion otec essay

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