Murder mystery mayhem research paper

He died on a flight from Amsterdam inslumped in the toilet, his throat cut. John Lord was actually a half-uncle, and that side of the family had always been a bit unusual. His granddad invented SPIK in the s long before political correctnessa carpet-cleaning powder. He also had a hat shop in Leeds with a small pigsty behind it.

Murder mystery mayhem research paper

A compendium of information, resources and discussion on notable nineteenth century American murders. Saturday, November 6, 18 comments In the early s the counties of Labette and Montgomery in Kansas were experiencing an alarming number of missing persons.

The investigation passed several times through the cabin of the Benders, a family of German immigrants who ran a small grocery store and restaurant outside of Cherryvale, Kansas, but the Benders appeared completely innocent.

When authorities found the cabin abandoned one day the picture changed.

Murder mystery mayhem research paper

A closer look revealed nine murdered corpses, the handiwork of the Bloody Benders. Blows from a hammer, suffocation Accused: The Bender Family Synopsis: Around the Bender family built a small cabin outside of Cherryvale, Kansas, about fifty miles north of the Oklahoma border.

They were German immigrants; all spoke with accents and the elder Benders spoke little English. It is unclear exactly how these four were related.

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Other accounts say that none of them were actually named Bender and that only the mother and daughter were related. They also provided meals for travelers. Though they kept to themselves, the Benders attended church and town meetings and seemed to be an ordinary rural family.

Neighboring counties were experiencing losses as well. In MarchDr. William York from Onion Creek, Montgomery County, came in search of a man named Loucher and his infant daughter, who had travelled in the region the previous winter and were never heard from again.

York never made it home either. York was from a very prominent family and in April his brother, Col. York came to Labette County leading a party of fifty citizens of Montgomery County.

They searched unsuccessfully for the missing doctor, stopping several times at the Benders' cabin. On one occasion they asked Kate to use her clairvoyant powers to help with the search, but she had no information for them.

Their wagon was missing and a calf they were raising had died of neglect. The authorities in Cherryvale were notified and went back to check on the house. Everything seemed to be in order, nothing was missing but clothes and bedding. Near the table where guests were served was a trap door and the foul smelling hole beneath the door was clotted with blood.

The ground in an orchard near the house had been carefully plowed but one small section was noticeably indented. The ground was dug up revealing the decomposed body of Dr.

His skull had been crushed and his throat had been cut.

Murder mystery mayhem research paper

Before nightfall seven more bodies were extracted and another was found the next day. Most were badly decomposed but were identified by clothing and jewelry.

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McKenzie of Hamilton County, Indiana. Loucher and his baby daughter from Independence. Another body previously found in Drum Creek was also attributed to the Benders. All but the baby had fractured skulls and slit throats.

It was believed that the baby was suffocated when buried alive with her father. The travelers were murdered for their money.

From the condition of the bodies and the arrangement of the house, the authorities were able to surmise how the killings were done. The table where customers took their meals was in a small booth formed by cloth partitions on both sides.Netflix's catalogue is a mystery even to the most seasoned viewer.

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