Mr zia il ahq

When the war was over, he decided to join the armored corps.

Mr zia il ahq

You can help by adding to it. September Investigation[ edit ] Washington sent a team of United States Air Force officers to assist the Pakistanis in the investigation, but the two sides reached sharply different conclusions.

Mr zia il ahq

Robert Oakleywho replaced Arnold Raphel as U. He has pointed out that 20 or 30 Cs have suffered similar incidents. He has identified the mechanical fault as a problem with the hydraulics in the tail assembly.

Although USAF pilots had handled similar emergencies, the Pakistani pilots were less well equipped to do so, lacking C experience and also flying low. Analysis by a U. It cited the aircraft-maker Lockheed as saying that "even with the level of contamination found in the system, they have not normally experienced any problems other than wear".

In the absence of a mechanical cause, the Pakistani inquiry concluded that the crash was due to an act of sabotage. They found no conclusive evidence of an explosion on the aircraft, but said that chemicals that could be used in small explosives were detected in mango seeds and a piece of rope found on the aircraft.

They also added that "the use of a chemical agent to incapacitate the pilots and thus perpetuate the accident therefore remains a distinct possibility".

Hanif "made phone calls and researched the lives of those around Zia", attempting to assess possible perpetrators—"the C. He stated he was "met with silence". Zia also had high-level enemies within the Pakistani government.

He told The Times that the Pakistani President was killed in a conspiracy involving a "foreign power".

Mr zia il ahq

Benazir Bhutto suggested that the fatal crash might well have been an "act of God". According to reports, Hussaini emerged as a go-between for Tehran and Pakistan, first for arms, and ultimately in the transfer of nuclear technology. Instead of returning to Bahawalpur, he headed for Islamabad, an action which later caused controversy and led some to allege that he was involved in the incident since he had reportedly been scheduled to fly with Zia in the flight, but had changed his plans at the last minute.

It has also been postulated by some sources[ who? It has been questioned why he was using another plane instead of boarding Pakistan It "entails the mist of conspiracy theory".

Mahmud Ali Durraniremains suspicious about who persuaded Zia to watch the tank exercise at Bahawalpur.

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In pictures: Gen Zia-ul-Haq's life and death - Pakistan - He added that General Beg caused the wreckage of the plane to be removed to hide the effects of a missile fired into the plane from another plane. He also prevented autopsies of the dead to hide the fact that everyone on the plane had died from gas poisoning.
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He speculated Zia was assassinated to prevent the signing of a secret agreement between India and Pakistan which Zia had proposed some months before his death to resolve the Siachen border conflict.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin To paraphrase Tancredi in Il Gattopardo "for things to remain the same, everything must change".

The policy maker’s dilemma is therefore to ensure stability during this process of change without adversely impacting on the elements which underpin this cohesion.

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