Legalizing the cure requires logical and

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Legalizing the cure requires logical and

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What does Evidence Refer to in Law? It sometimes refers to that which is adduced by a party at the trial as a means of establishing factual claims.

This meaning of evidence is reflected in the definitional section of the Indian Evidence Act Stephen Evidence, in this sense, is divided conventionally into three main categories: That the accused was at or about the scene of the crime at the relevant time is evidence in the second sense of his possible involvement in the crime.

For instance, the prosecution may call a witness to appear before the court and get Legalizing the cure requires logical and to testify that he saw the accused in the vicinity of the crime at the relevant time.

The fact-finder is the person or body responsible for ascertaining where the truth lies on disputed questions of fact and in whom the power to decide on the verdict vests. Fact-finding is the task of the jury or, for certain types of cases and in countries without a jury system, the judge.

Sometimes the evidential fact is directly accessible to the fact-finder. A third conception of evidence is an elaboration or extension of the second. On this conception, evidence is relational.

Legalizing the cure requires logical and

A factual proposition in Latin, factum probans is evidence in the third sense only if it can serve as a premise for drawing an inference directly or indirectly to a matter that is material to the case factum probandum see section 2.

Hence, this statement of Bentham There can be evidence in the first sense without evidence in the second or third sense. To pursue our illustration, suppose it emerges during cross-examination of the expert that his testimony of having found a finger-print match was a lie.

These conditions are discussed in section 2 below. On this conception, legal evidence is that which counts as evidence in law. Something may ordinarily be treated as evidence and yet be rejected by the court. Hearsay is often cited as an example.

It is pointed out that reliance on hearsay is a commonplace in ordinary life. We frequently rely on hearsay in forming our factual beliefs. As a general rule, the court will not rely on hearsay as a premise for an inference towards the truth of what is asserted.

It will not allow a witness to testify in court that another person X who is not brought before the court said that p on a certain occasion an out-of-court statement for the purpose of proving that p.

In summary, at least four possible conceptions of legal evidence are in currency: Conditions for Receiving Evidence: What Counts as Evidence in Law? This section picks up on the fourth conception of evidence.

These three conditions of receivability are discussed in turn below. Leaving aside the dissenting view for the moment, we will turn first to consider possible conceptions of relevance in the conventional sense of logical relevance. Relevance is a relational concept. No fact is relevant in itself; it is relevant only in relation to another fact.

We see two instances of this in the following well-known definitions.

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