Good book report books for 8th grade

They used it to encourage the power of Hitler and discourage Jews. The Nazi party had one main propagandist; Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was given complete control by Hitler over press, radio, theater films, literature, music, and the fine arts.

Good book report books for 8th grade

The author of this science fiction book is Orson Scott Card.

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Card has written four novels in a series about Ender and the story of his life. This novel is easy reading and is only pages long.

This book starts when Ender is only six years old. Ender's real name is Andrew Wiggin, but he was given the name of Ender as a nickname. Ender has one sister, Valentine and one brother named Peter.


Ender loves Valentine very much and does not like his brother because he was very mean to Ender. All children wear a device on their neck that allows people to monitor their actions and intelligence.

People do this because they want to get the smartest of all the children and make them into perfect soldiers and commanders. This is done because an alien race attacked the human race over fifty years ago, and humans want to be ready when the alien race named the buggers attack again.

Will Ender be the only hope for the human race? The protagonist of this story is Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin. Ender ages from 6 to 22 during this book, but in the last few sentences it becomes vague as to the time. He goes to school for six years training, at least that is what he thinks.

Ender is a scrawny little, short and thin boy. Ender is a very confident and smart boy, smarter than all the other boys that he knows.

He is afraid of his brother and some bullies at school, but he is fully aware that if he does not stand up to them he will keep being tortured. Ender is a very loving boy that loves his sister and loves his parents.

He hates being called a third, but the name is given to him because people are only supposed to have two children, but the Wiggins were allowed three. He does not like being called a third, or any name at that matter, but he tolerates it.

He does seem to be happy when he is around Valentine, but he is not overly happy all of the other time. Most of all, Ender hates being like Peter in any way because Peter is such a mean and bad child.

The antagonist of Ender's Game was the government. The government was in control of Ender from his childhood up to age twelve. The government tracked Ender using a device called a monitor which would allow the government to see and hear all the things that Ender does. Then, he was put to a test and he accomplished the test without even knowing about it.

He was then taken to a school where the government taught the children and also had mock battles in zero gravity. In this Battle School the government tried to isolate him and kept moving him from group to group so he had to work to get recognized.

The government then moved Ender to Command School where they lied to him. They said to Ender that this was just practice, but the game was actually real. The government believes that they are doing the right thing by isolating and lying to Ender. The setting of Ender's Game varies greatly, because Ender Wiggin was on Earth, then he went to a school in space, then back to Earth, to another school in space and last of all to a distant world once occupied by the buggers.

The season was not recognizable in Ender's Game, until Ender came back to Earth. It was summer or just around summer, this was shown by the heat and by sunburns that Ender got. The time was very vague, but it seemed to take place probably in the twenty-second century.

This is shown through the advanced technology: Device and other things such as computers. Most of the book took place inside Battle School, a very large school for very elite, young and smart children.

The part of the book that took place outside was when he returned to Earth, and he stayed at a very large house, but the actual place was very vague. The first rising action of this book is when Ender, after being taunted by a school, bully beats him up very badly over the monitor that was taken off of Ender.

After the bully dies from the beating, the government keeps this from Ender so he believes that he is not a killer. Ender is then visited by a man from a military corporation, the International Fleet, named Colonel Graff.

Colonel Graff convinces Ender to go with him to Battle School so Ender can be a soldier and help win the war when the Buggers, the alien race, comes. Ender goes with him, although unhappy to leave his sister Valentine whom he loves, and is also the person who protects Ender from Peter, his brother.Literature was used by Goebbels because re-wrote school books and wrote new anti semitic books for the German public to read.

Good book report books for 8th grade

These books had similar messages as those in his newspaper except they were oriented more towards children. Ù ÙÙ ÙÙ Malissa, 8th Grade. The book the house of stairs was a good book it had a good beginning not so bad in the middle it had some cussing but still ok all the characters still argued but they were all ok with getting along.

Feb 24,  · What Are Some GOod Books For 8th Grade GiRLs? I kinda want either mystery,drama, or a funny book Agatha Christie books, and some of Scholastic's romantic comedies (they all have little hearts on the spine, so you'll know them when you see them).

Source(s Good book for 8th grade girl? A really good book for an 8th grade girlStatus: Resolved. This Good Book, Bad Book Lesson Plan is suitable for 4th - 8th Grade. As your authors prepare to write their own novel, have them consider qualities of writing they want to include and those they don't.

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This Good Book, Bad Book Lesson Plan is suitable for 4th - 8th Grade. they discuss how good or bad books are similar to good or bad. All of the books are in good to very good condition. I included the original price for each, 19 books in all. A Beka Book 8th Grade Geography Studies and Projects: Western Hemisphere Teacher Key Very Good: A book that does not look new and has been read but is in excellent condition.

Very minimal wear and tea A Beka ENGLISH 8 Home. Use the following topic outline to write a descriptive, organized book report in paragraph form. Use supportive, detailed examples from the book. Give specific page references in parentheses if you quote from the book, but avoid excessive quotation.

Indent the beginning of each paragraph one inch. Leave one-inch margins on all sides of the paper.

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