Gatorade advertising

Her research centers on issues related to media, gender, culture, and health. Previous publications have addressed athlete representation and public health in sports nutrition marketing, and the dangers of sports nutrition supplements. Her current research focuses on risk management and concussions among female equestrians.

Gatorade advertising

History[ edit ] University of Florida football player Chip Hinton testing Gatorade inpictured next to the leader of its team of inventors, Robert Cade.

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The earliest versions of the beverage consisted of a mixture of water, sodiumsugarpotassiumphosphateand lemon juice.

We drank it, but whether it helped us in the second half, who knows? Yellow Jackets coach Bobby Doddwhen asked why his team lost, replied: That made the difference. They settled on the Gatorade advertising Gatorade, however, since the researchers wanted to create a commercial product, not a scientifically-validated one.

Darren Rovell notes his history of Gatorade, First in Thirst, "the doctors realized that they probably shouldn't use the 'Aid' suffix, since that would mean that if the drink were ever marketed, they would have to prove that it had a clear medicinal use and perform clinical tests on thousands of people.

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That would classify it as something other than a cola or soft drink, so we changed it to ade. S-VCa canned-food packaging company, with the U.

A year after its commercial introduction, S-VC tested multiple variations of the original Gatorade recipe, finally settling on more palatable variants in lemon-lime and orange flavors.

Gatorade advertising

This reformulation also removed the sweetener cyclamate —which was banned by the Food and Drug Administration FDA in - replacing it with additional fructose. This version of the logo is still in use in the United Kingdomand in Ireland.

In its first two decades of production, Gatorade was primarily sold and distributed within the United States.


Beginning in the s, the company expanded distribution of Gatorade, venturing into Canada inregions of Asia inSouth America and parts of Europe inand Australia in InGatorade introduced Gatorade Light, a lower-calorie version sweetened with saccharin. PepsiCo had also recently developed All Sportwhich it divested of shortly following the Quaker acquisition to satisfy antitrust regulations.

Worldwide development of Gatorade continued into the s, including expansion into India inand the United Kingdom and Ireland in For example, Blueberry is available in Colombiaand in Brazila Pineapple flavor of Gatorade is sold. Some flavors that have been discontinued in the U. The product is made in Australia by Schweppes Australia, and imported to New Zealand and distributed along with Bluebird potato chips.

Products[ edit ] Lemon-lime Gatorade in a glass bottle, circa s In its early years, the Gatorade brand consisted of a single product line—Gatorade Thirst Quencher—which was produced in liquid and powder form under two flavor variants: Orange and Lemon Lime.

The rise to popularity of this flavor was largely result of Michael Jordan, who, at the height of his NBA career in the early s, stated that it was his favorite flavor.

This claim appeared on the packaging beginning inas part of a year endorsement deal. The product, manufactured by Fleer Corporationwas available in both of Gatorade's original flavors lemon-lime and orange.

Gatorade advertising

The gum was discontinued in after the contract expired. Among these initial flavor extensions were Watermelon, introduced inand Cherry Rush, Strawberry Kiwi, and Mandarina flavors, added in Sports drinks such as Gatorade promise better athletic performance, but in some cases they’re not really necessary.

Water does the trick in many. Nike asks you to accept cookies for performance, social media and advertising purposes. Social media and advertising cookies of third parties are used to offer you social media functionalities and personalized ads.


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As we are stepping into , a lot of people have their New Year resolutions ready. He was surprised when Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson announced via video that Daniels was the winner of the Gatorade national player of the year award.

First in Thirst: How Gatorade Turned the Science of Sweat Into a Cultural Phenomenon [Darren ROVELL] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Remember the Cola Wars, with Coke and Pepsi battling it out year after year for supremacy in .

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