Essay on saints at the river

At the time of her death she was already engaged in getting together essays for a further volume, which she proposed to publish in the autumn of or the spring Of She also intended to publish a new book of short stories, including in it some or all of Monday or Tuesday, which has been long out of print.

Essay on saints at the river

Please publish the above letter, Bro. Joseph, and right under it the following letter to the brethren. I want you to understand that the following remarks are addressed to the one who has been writing against me unjustly of late in the Herald, showing a different spirit to the editorial relating to my letter in the Herald of the 4th inst.

These remarks are to the writer who has judged me hastily -- who has taken for evidence against me some letters that were written to the Millennial Star and other papers of the church, said letters having probably been written by some one who afterwards followed Brigham Young to Salt Lake, and written so long after the occurrence of those things that his dates are wrong, and he had forgotten the first names of three of the elders whom he says spoke against me concerning some charges.

Essay on saints at the river

This writer in the Herald has judged me after hearing only one side of the evidence, and has accused me of many things. Now who made him a judge in Israel? Christ said, "Judge not"--"condemn not;" and as he has judged me, just so God will judge him at the last day, if he continues to judge as he has heretofore.

Because some man wrote a letter to the Millennial Star a long time after I had left the Latter Day Saints, and charged me with being guilty of certain things, does this necessarily make the charges true? Many things are written as knowledge which the writer believes to be true, but he may be writing only hearsay.

Now I will give you an instance of the church paper printing an article against a man, the writer of the article being an apostate from the church at the time. In Lamoni is now living a man named James J.

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Stafford, who I have been told by perfectly reliable men apostatized from the Reorganized Church some years ago, and is such to-day. Stafford wrote an article against me, in which he makes some grave insinuations, and the Herald printed his article; and not only did this, but one of the Editors calls attention to the article, thus making it semi-official.

Brethren, did this Editor do right in this matter? So you see at this present time that an Editor of the church paper will print articles for men who are even apostates from their faith, just so the article attacks some man whom the Editor wants to attack.

The Millennial Star used to do the same thing. The articles written against me to the old church papers, this writer in the Herald calls "church history," and are reprinted and commented upon by him, as if every word of it was true, while many of them were written by men who went to Salt Lake in polygamy, and when they wrote these things against me, were writing on hearsay.

Now I will speak of these charges against me. The only charges that I ever heard they had against me until I read this Herald were, for not believing some of Bro. Brethren, in the fear of God, and my time being almost at hand to go to meet him, I do positively deny all of these charges against me, except concerning these revelations, and I still believe now as I did then concerning them.

The fact is -- I will clear myself from this article in the Millennial Star; I will clear myself from their own evidence. To show you how this writer in the Herald has done, you will notice that he puts the words "using the money" in letters of emphasis to make the brethren believe that the Whitmer here referred to is myself; and tries to make it appear that I had used money belonging to the church, by emphasizing those words: It says "Phelps and Whitmer;" well -- the Whitmer referred to is not myself, it was my brother, John Whitmer who is dead.

Essay on saints at the river

I heard afterward they had such a charge against John, but he was not guilty of it. In the charge about selling land in Zion, it says also "Phelps and Whitmer," and this also refers to John, because I never owned any land in Zion. But the writer in the Herald tries to make it appear that the Whitmer referred to is myself.

Please note well the following point, as it clears me from their own evidence. Now as I never owned any land in Jackson county. I guess I am clear of everything! The Whitmer referred to was my brother, John.

He had to sell, to get out of debt.

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You can see from reading those five charges against me, that I had already left the Latter Day Saints, when they were brought up against me. Also that I had already left them when they give me a trial and cut me off.

You can see this from the fourth charge which says: As to the balance of those charges I have this to say; I positively wrote no letters to Kirtland about Joseph, nor did I write any letter to the High Council at Far West. I want to repeat that the man who wrote this letter to the Millennial Star must have written it a long time after I left the Latter Day Saints, which can be seen from his forgetting those names, and from being wrong as to some dates.

I have no doubt but what some one, not very conscientious, wrote these things against me to the Millennial Star, and wrote them a long time after I had left the body and wrote the most of it on hearsay.

You will notice the remarks of the writer in the Herald about me not keeping the Word of Wisdom:About Author Matthew Thorburn. Matthew Thorburn is the author of six collections of poems, including the long poem Dear Almost (LSU Press, ) and the chapbook A Green River in Spring (Autumn House, ).

He lives in New York City. The Nile River flows through Egypt, Zaire, Rwanda, Tanzanian, Sudan, Ethopia, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi and is the largest river in the world. North Africa is composed of six countries, which include Western Sahara, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

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