Clocky marketing analysis

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Clocky marketing analysis

Unsure of how to position a product that had a growing following but was still over a year away from production, Nanda was faced with a number of difficult decisions as she attempted to devise a marketing plan to bring her Clocky project to fruition.

The following is our analysis of her situation, and suggestions on how she should proceed. Placing these weaknesses and threats in the context of her current situation considering all financial and time constraints as well as the considerable media exposure she has receivedwe would prioritize her marketing challenges as follows, in order of cruciality: Nanda must address the time frame of her launch immediately, in order to ensure that she is able to exploit the potential of holiday sales to the fullest, especially considering Clocky has a high potential as a gift item.

Clocky marketing analysis

Company, Collaborators, Customers, Competitors and Climate. Nanda must accurately segment and size her potential market and ensure that she is delivering the product they want when they want it 2 Company: Nanda must ensure that the image she is crafting for Clocky and for her new company is consistent with the products she will introduce in the future 3 Collaborators: Moreover, hardly any company has seriously considered segmenting potential alarm clock users according to similar, identifiable sleep and lifestyle characteristics.

With Clocky, Gauri Nanda reinvented the alarm clock concept by introducing new technology and a new level of interaction with the end users.

Although the alarm market is fairly homogenous, wherein consumers have roughly the same preferences and the existing brands would be similar and cluster around the middle of the scaleeach of these consumers may actually react differently to marketing strategies: Broadly speaking, there are two general variables with which one can begin to segment a given consumer market: Considering the peculiarity of Clocky technological, innovative and designit would be appropriate to adopt the descriptive-psychographic approach: Using the VALS frameworkit is possible to identify 8 different types of personalities according to the primary motivation and resources.

Among those 8 consumer types, Innovators, Experiencers and Strivers would be the most appropriate consumers for Nanda to target if segmenting in this manner.

They are very active consumers, and their purchases reflect cultivated tastes for upscale, niche products and services. They quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool.

They favour stylish products that emulate the purchases of people with greater material wealth. As consumers, they are as impulsive as their financial circumstance will allow. Nanda has classified the segments according to the behavioural approach, and using benefits that buyers seek as the variable for segmentation she has identified two main buyer groups:Clocky Marketing Analysis Essays: Over , Clocky Marketing Analysis Essays, Clocky Marketing Analysis Term Papers, Clocky Marketing Analysis Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Gauri Nanda is the creator of an innovative new product: an alarm clock named Clocky that, in. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. Clocky – The Runaway Alarm Clock | Case Analysis Group 3 | | Problem Statement Even though Clocky was the center of the media hype, Gauri Nanda is faced with many pressing challenges and issues for its commercial debut in the marketplace: Analysis: 1.

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Clocky Marketing Analysis - Case Study