Beetroot coursework evaluation

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Beetroot coursework evaluation

Investigating the effect of temperature on plant cell membranes Class practical You and your students may be familiar with the observation that colour leaks out Beetroot coursework evaluation beetroot when it is cooked. Many cookbooks suggest that beetroot should be cooked with their outer skins on, and with a minimum amount trimmed from the top by the leaves and tail by the taproot to reduce the release of beet colour leaking into the water.

Lesson organisation This procedure lends itself to detailed evaluation, and provides an opportunity to discuss how you would like students to write up a practical. Cutting the cores to size and placing in water baths takes only a few minutes. During the thirty minutes heating or chilling time, you can discuss writing up or evaluating the procedure.

If you have access to only one colorimeter, one group could gather quantitative results while the others gather subjective, qualitative information. The number of beetroot cores used will depend on the number of water baths available.

Students can work individually or in pairs. To save time, reduce the number of temperatures used and collate results to provide repeats at each temperature. Apparatus and Chemicals For each group of students: Cut away from you.

Replace the cutting tool in the tray when not in use. Use a size 4 cork borer and cut with care using a cutting board.

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Cut enough cores to make eight 2 cm lengths per working group. Leave the cores overnight in a beaker of distilled water. The pigment from any cells that have been cut by the cork borer will leak into the water. Rinse away any pigmented water in the morning and replace with fresh water.

If you do not have a cork borer, cut the beetroot with a bread slicer or onion slicer to make even-sized slices, then cut the slices into even-sized chips. If beetroot is not available, use discs of red cabbage. You will need ten or more discs for each tube. Beetroot juice will stain clothing and, temporarily, skin but is not hazardous.

Students may wish to wear labcoats to protect their clothing from stains. Take care carrying scalpels or knives around the laboratory.

Always carry in a tray.

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Preparation a Cut bores of beetroot with a size 4 cork borer and soak overnight in a beaker of distilled water Note 1. Investigation Procedure c Collect 3 or 4 beetroot cores from the beaker provided. Cut each core into 2 cm sections until you have enough for one core for each temperature of water bath that you will be using.

Put your 2 cm sections into a test tube with plenty of distilled water. Add exactly 5 cm3 of distilled water to each test tube and place the tubes, one in each water bath, for 5 minutes to equilibrate to the water bath temperature. Decide whether forceps or mounted needles are best for handling the tissue and what damage this might cause to the cores.

A piece of white card behind the tubes will make this easier to see.BEETROOT COURSEWORK - temperature or ethanol concentration - PLANNING: The.

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Beetroot coursework evaluation

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